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Counselling is a talking therapy which offers you time to explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences safely with the support of a trained professional. There are various therapeutic approaches to counselling, but it is the relationship between you and your counsellor that offers the most beneficial experience. Therefore, it is important you find a therapist who you connect with, and you feel safe and comfortable working alongside.

Counselling is not about giving you the answers, rather it supports you to find your own way to living a more authentic life.

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Why counselling?

Why counselling?

Sometimes the way you feel can be overwhelming, and you won’t always have capacity to manage this alone. Counselling can support a spectrum of challenges, including experiences of trauma, life-changing events, or a sense of disconnection from yourself.

These situations manifest in different ways; anxious thoughts, low mood, self-medicating or destructive behaviours. As humans, we are particularly good at finding ways to cope, even if they are ultimately not conducive to a happy, healthy life. Whether this has been going on since childhood, or a more recent event, it can be hard to undo alone. Counselling is a place to explore these often-daunting situations and look to possible alternative ways of being.

How I work

How I work

I am an integrative counsellor which means I draw upon various approaches, however, the core of my work is “person-centred”. This means that you will be at the heart of everything I do. I will be led by you and have no agenda for what “better” might look like.

Although I offer reflections on what you bring and may gently challenge you to reflect on your experiences, you remain in control of the process and set the goal for your therapy. I believe everyone is a unique individual, who, when supported appropriately, can reconnect with their own sense of self and find mental wellbeing.

I will be with you as you explore your experiences and hope to encourage a healthier relationship with yourself, others and the world around you.

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What to expect

What to expect

Our initial session will be over the phone for us to introduce ourselves. It is an opportunity for you to find out more about how I work and share what has brought you to counselling.

There is no obligation or commitment at this stage, and we can discuss options in developing our working agreement. I can offer a set number of sessions or an open-ended contract which can be reviewed periodically.

To provide consistency in our work, you will ideally be able to commit to a regular appointment slot. This regularity allows us to build the therapeutic relationship required to support you effectively. I offer telephone, Zoom or face-to-face sessions, and we can discuss the options available to decide which one best meets your needs.

Face-to-face sessions are held at purpose-built counselling rooms in central St Albans. There are great transport links and local parking is available. Please contact me for more information and availability.