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I am a certified mental health first aid instructor with MHFA England
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What is MHFA?

Mental health first aid provides support to anyone experiencing a mental health challenge, worsening mental health symptoms or in mental health crisis. As a first aider, you will be able to provide initial support pending appropriate, professional help or until the crisis has subsided.

Training as a mental health first aider enables you to support friends, family or colleagues with confidence. You will be provided with information on various mental health challenges, develop skills to engage and signpost appropriately, as well as promoting positive recovery and tackling mental health stigma.


Mental health challenges are common with 1 in 4 people experiencing a mental health challenge of some kind each year and 1 in 6 experiencing a common mental health challenge such as anxiety or depression each week ( Yet, most people are ill-informed on this subject and lack confidence in having vital conversations in support of people’s mental wellbeing.

MHFA England aims to raise awareness of mental health challenges within the community and, by training people as mental health first aiders, it seeks to reduce stigma and discrimination whilst, ultimately, preserving the lives of those who may be at risk.

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Who can be a MHFA?

You can train to be a mental health first aider as an individual within the community, or if you work alone in an industry where you may find people confide in you.

Businesses or community groups can train a network of first aiders to support both their staff and customers/clients.

Training can be provided in-house for your business or at selected venues across Hertfordshire, with an on-line version also available via a bespoke training platform

To find out more information on becoming a mental health first aider, click below to review the MHFA website, or contact me directly.